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Kolokatsi Advocaten is a law firm specialized in criminal law. Our clients are private individuals and businesses coming into contact with criminal law as suspect or witness. In addition, we advise in cases of surrender of persons, extradition cases and in foreign criminal cases.

Quality, enthusiasm and a personal approach are the characteristics of our office. Our work is our passion. We are driven by the idea that every suspect is entitled to a proper defence and a fair trial.

Lines of communication in our office are short. We act quickly. We recognize the impact a criminal case has on the client and his environment.

We service both paying clients and clients who make use of legal aid or pro bono, on which basis we also represent minors in criminal cases and cases having to do with placement in care in a closed setting.

Our new office address is:
Utrechtseweg 109
3818 EC Amersfoort

t +31 (0) 33 465 22 22
e mail@kolokatsiadvocaten.nl

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Elpiniki Kolokatsi, LL.M.

Mr. Elpiniki KolokatsiPhoto Merlijn Doomernik

Elpiniki Kolokatsi has worked as a lawyer since 1997. Over the years she has gained a lot of experience in a variety of criminal law issues and handled loads of different cases, ranging from property to investment fraud, money laundering, criminal tax cases, drug related crime, acts of violence and terrorism cases.

Mrs. Kolokatsi likes to handle cases with an international component. Her lawyer's network is extended and international. Her command of foreign languages is good. Mrs. Kolokatsi finds her way in French and Greek criminal law and keeps trach of information concerning prison conditions Europe wide (especially in France) as part of her work in extradition cases.

Apart from her work as a criminal lawyer mrs. Kolokatsi is a freelance journalist (member NVJ/IFJ), board member of the Dutch Association of Defense Counsel (NVSA) and she takes part in the editorial board of the Dutch Bar Association's monthly journal (Advocatenblad).

In the context of her research into French and Belgian assize court procedures in terrorism cases mrs. Kolokatsi attended a number of trials in Paris and Brussels during the period 2020-present.

From 2017-2019 she worked as a part-time tutor European criminal law at the European Law School of the Maastricht University. She also taught Dutch criminal law at Maastricht University.

m +31 (0)6 51121190
e kolokatsi@kolokatsiadvocaten.nl
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Luca Cox, LL.M.

Mr. Luca CoxPhoto Merlijn Doomernik

Luca Cox completed two masters at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam: the master’s degree “Toga aan de Maas” and the master’s degree Criminal Law. As part of these masters, she gained experience within the legal profession. She obtained a bachelor's degree in European Law with a Dutch Minor at Maastricht University.

After graduating, mr. Cox worked as a legal assistant at a law firm in Amsterdam. In 2023, she started working as an attorney at Kolokatsi Advocaten.

Mr. Cox focuses her practice on (general) criminal law in the broadest sense of the word. Her background in European Law also enables her to act in criminal cases with a European law component, such as surrender and extradition cases. Mr. Cox views Dutch criminal cases with a European law perspective, as European criminal law sometimes offers more guarantees to suspects.

In addition, Mr. Cox deals with matters concerning the Certificate of Good Conduct and driving license cases, also regarding the CBR-route.

Mr Cox is determined, proactive and a go-getter. As a result, she will face every case head-on and gets everything out of it without losing sight of reality.

m +31 (0)6 15176299
e cox@kolokatsiadvocaten.nl
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We work on the basis of a fixed hourly rate, dependent on the experience of the lawyer in question and the urgency of the work. Additionally, office- and travel expenses will be charged.

Based on the idea that every suspect is entitled to a proper defence and a fair trial, we also litigate on the basis of legal representation financed by the government (assignment of counsel) or pro bono.

All financial agreements will be discussed in a clear manner and recorded in writing.

Complaints procedure

We will do everything in our power to be of service to you. If you have any complaints about our services or fees, please inform us of your complaints so we may find a solution together with you.

If this does not provide a result that you find satisfactory, you can submit a complaint to the Disputes Committee for the Legal Profession or to the Bar Association.


Kolokatsi Advocaten is a combination of offices, not a partnership, between Elpiniki Kolokatsi, LL.M. and Luca Cox, LL.M.

If one of them accepts an assignment, an agreement is created between the client and the lawyer in question. Any liability is limited to the amount that will be paid in that case under the professional indemnity insurance of the lawyer in question.


Kolokatsi Advocaten is a combination of offices, not a partnership, between Kolokatsi Advocaat (Chamber of Commerce no 69348901, VAT no 172481983.B01) and Cox Advocaat (Chamber of Commerce no 89916565, VAT no NL004772604B80), based on cost sharing.

Specialism register

Mrs. Elpiniki Kolokatsi has registered Criminal Law as her main specialism in the register of the Dutch bar association and is thus obliged to achieve ten training points in the field of criminal law each year.

General Terms and Conditions / Privacy Statement

Download our General Terms and Conditions here (pdf).
Download our Privacy statement here (pdf).



Kolokatsi Advocaten

Utrechtseweg 109
3818 EC Amersfoort
t +31 (0) 33 465 22 22
e mail@kolokatsiadvocaten.nl

You can park behind our office. Our office is within walking distance of the central station of Amersfoort (550 meters).